Are these Google Chrome OS screenshots?

Chrome OS - first shots
Chrome OS - first shots?

The inevitable 'first screenshots of the Google Chrome OS' have appeared online, although TechRadar is taking them with a rather large pinch of salt at the current time.

The Chrome OS leak blog is apparently from a person working for an Acer parts supplier, who sat in on a Google briefing on the Chrome OS.

Aside from some relatively unrevealing images (which look very similar to what you would expect a mock-up to be), and some slightly odd details (no mouse pointer, static clock, odd font, Google Talk prominent) the blog also talks in some detail about some of the functionality.

Fast boot

According to the anonymous poster, the OS rebooted from 'desktop to desktop within 25 seconds', with the blog continuing:

"There is a button on the Chrome Bar (At least that is what the Rep called it.) that is basically the blue center of the chrome logo.

"This button pulls up a Start Menu clone essentially. The Reboot, Programs, and Main Directory is located here.

"The navigation uses two options. 'Exploration' or 'Browser'.

Windows Explorer

"Explanation (sic) is much alike the Windows Explorer. The Browser uses search options. In Browser Mode, the Google Chrome Browser comes up and you can search and also use the "Most Visited" features for your files."

Of course, it is probably a relatively straightforward hoax – with the stripped down look and speed hardly difficult to guess at.

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