Kaspersky announces 2010 products for July

Kaspersky 2010 - coming mid 2009
Kaspersky 2010 - coming mid 2009

Kaspersky Lab has announced Antivirus 2010 and Internet Security 2010 – promising a host of new features that will stop you becoming a victim of malware.

The software bring the likes of a 'safe run' sandbox feature allowing you to open suspect programmes and links without jeopardising your computer and an improved Kaspersky Security Network which will quickly propagate information about the latest malware to thousands of PCs.

"Tens of thousands of new malicious programs appear worldwide every day. Cybercrime has become a multimillion pound industry, demonstrating exponential growth," Kaspersky Lab CEO Eugene Kaspersky said.


"The routine hazards posed each day by viruses, worms and Trojans are surpassed by new threats like distributed zombie networks made up of millions of computers," he added.

"The sheer scale of the problem means it is no longer possible to ensure complete security using only conventional signature-based and heuristic protection methods; the new malware landscape calls for new comprehensive protection methods.

"That is why Kaspersky's Internet Security 2010 has implemented a revolutionary approach to protection whereby global monitoring of malicious activities is performed by the protected system itself with the aim of preventing crimeware from ever affecting the user's computer."

Both software packages will be available in July.