Exchange Server 2016 is out now

Exchange Server 2016

Microsoft has finally made Exchange Server 2016 available to the enterprise public at large as part of its wider Office 2016 revamp.

A company blog explained that the product is now out of its elongated preview and brings a range of new features to help enterprises manage email and calendars in a more efficient way than Exchange 2013 whilst building on the popular features from the earlier incarnation.

Unsurprisingly, Microsoft is again leading with the better collaboration angle and it manifests itself in Exchange 2016 in a new approach to attachments that means easier document sharing such as being able to attach a document in Outlook 2016 or Outlook on the web as a Sharepoint 2016 link.

What else?

The new program also brings an upgraded experience for Outlook on the web that includes a whole host of new features such as Sweep, Pin, Undo, inline reply, single-line inbox view, improved HTML rendering, new themes, emojis and a lot more.

Search has been given a revamp that aims to speed it up considerably whilst at the same time bringing more accurate and complete results at the end of it all.

Microsoft hasn't forgotten about developers and the expanded add-in model for Outlook desktop lets developers add features straight into Outlook. In addition, the update offers a new eDiscovery pipeline that is a lot faster and more scalable and also a simplified architecture that owes itself to better planning and scaling.

This will be built upon as time goes on with regular updates providing bug fixes and improvements in a way that mirrors its attitude towards Windows 10.