Xbox One SmartGlass updates enable gameplay recording and more

Xbox One SmartGlass
Fun for nearly every mobile platform

Does your preference of gaming console lean toward allegiance to Microsoft? If you also happen to own a smartphone or tablet, the folks in Redmond have just pushed out across the board updates to the SmartGlass app that deliver welcome improvements.

Microsoft (via Engadget) today released updates to the free Xbox One SmartGlass app for Windows Phone, iOS and Android which finally allow console owners to remotely record game clips and a whole lot more.

Now available on Windows Phone Store, App Store or Google Play marketplaces for each respective platform, the updates deliver the same set of improvements to the vast majority of smartphone and tablet owners.

The ability to control recording of gameplay from a mobile device is a particularly welcome addition now that Microsoft is shipping less expensive Xbox One systems without a Kinect to handle the voice and motion-sensing chores.


In addition to recording of game clips, Thursday's Xbox One SmartGlass app updates also enable the ability to share and post activity feed items, as well as post status updates to said activity feed.

Neither of those improvements would be worth much without the ability to actually see the activity feed on your profile, and the updates also unlock features for the new markets Xbox One has most recently launched in.

Last but certainly not least, SmartGlass now features in-app display of release and feature notes, as well as the ability to see messages in a revamped conversations view, rounding out a nice assembly of cross-platform enhancements.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has left owners of Kindle Fire, Amazon Fire Phone and BlackBerry 10 hardware out in the cold with today's updates, but there's no sense crying over spilt milk since those platforms never had these apps to begin with.

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