Will Twitter let tweeters tweet with a twitch on Google Glass?

Twitter for Glass
Tweet with a twitch?

If you thought the only thing lacking from the vision of Robert Scoble wearing Google Glass in the shower was the ability to tweet the vision direct from the device itself, then it looks like you're in luck.

After creating his own basic Twitter for Glass app, developer and self-proclaimed Glass hacker Jonathan Gottfried noticed a photo tweet from an account with the hashtag #throughglass that was marked as coming from the Twitter for Glass app.

As All Things D explains, that's significant because only Twitter themselves can include the word 'Twitter' in a Twitter app.

Not a pane-ful leak

More evidence that supports the official Twitter app theory is that the account that tweeted the image, @MoGroothMuddler (which has since been deleted), bears a significant resemblance to Twitter mobile engineering manager Shiv Ramamurthi, who tweets from the handle @MoGrooth.

Of course, it makes sense that Twitter would be working on its own dedicated app for Google's Glass device, and given the public nature of the tweet in question, you could even assume that the leak was intentional.

So far, Twitter's maintained radio silence over the legitimacy of the app. But realistically, who's going to buy a pair of these glasses if the only social network they can use is Google Plus?

Via TechCrunch, AllThingsD

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