Reddit finally has an official app, hopes to get it upvoted

Reddit finally has its own first-party application

The front page of the internet is now on the front page of the App Store, as Reddit released its first-party app for on-the-go browsing of user-generated content, (i.e. cat GIFs galore.)

Reddit has been no stranger to the mobile space, with its open API being used to fuel a bevy of third-party redditing apps like BaconReader and Alien Blue – the latter of which was crowned as Reddit's "official" app back in 2014. However, there hadn't been an app actually developed by Reddit until this point.

Alex Le, Reddit's VP of consumer product, made the announcement today (via Reddit submission, obviously) and proceeded to field fellow redditors' queries about the new app, which is now available for both iOS and Android devices.

The launch version of the app can not only browse the site, but also search the website's wide selection of hyper-specific subreddits, submit content, customize its appearance, and tweak its appearance for compacted or expanded viewing.

While the introduction of a truly "official" Reddit app may spell the end of third-party counterparts, Le commented on the announcement thread that the site "will continue to support" their open and free API for other developers to work with.

Also, users who sign up for the app with a verified Reddit account get three months of Reddit gold – the site's premium subscription service – for free, which is all the incentive we'll need when we dive back into r/aww on the commute home.

Parker Wilhelm
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