Moshtix adds Passbook support

Passbook on iOS
Moshtix joins the (small) lineup

Launched as part of iOS 6, Apple's Passbook platform has had a lukewarm response from Australian businesses in its short existence. But today it gets a boost, with ticketing company Moshtix announcing Passbook support.

Moshtix joins Virgin Airlines and Ticketek in offering Passbook as part of their ticketing services, although on the Australian App Store only a single app, ShopperNova, promises Passbook support for iOS 6 users.

Easy access

MoshTix customers need to access their confirmation email from their iPhone 5 or other iOS 6 smartphone in order for the Passbook option to appear. Clicking the link on the device will present the option to save your tickets to Passbook.

Ticketek has offered a similar approach to Passbook tickets, while Virgin Airlines Passbook boarding passes also require access from your iPhone.

When you approach your event, Passbook will send you a notification with your ticket details, to be scanned when you enter the venue.

With Moshtix on board, it's clear that Passbook does have potential to be a mobile ticketing solution, even if it hasn't really taken off as quickly as some pundits expected.

It still has a long way to go before it becomes a mainstream method of ticketing though, especially without the ability to "push" tickets to your device. Perhaps that kind of functionality could be added with NFC compatibility?

Via: Lifehacker

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