Microsoft Morro: first screenshots?

Is this the first screenshot of Microsoft's Morro antivirus?

Is this the face of Microsoft's new, no-cost antivirus software, codenamed Morro?

Windows bloggers at NeoWin seem to think so, posting three screenshots today that are claimed to be from an early version of the application.

The shots show Morro offering the usual variety of AV options, including Quick, Full and Custom scans of a local drive, virus and spyware definition download, and scheduled scanning.

Same old look

The look is very similar to the current Windows Defender interface - the firewall and security umbrella app built into Vista - even using some of the same graphics.

NeoWin is certain that the screenshots are genuine and journalist and Microsoft expert Simon Bisson has tweeted us to say, "From what I understand it builds on Windows Defender - so unsurprising if the internal beta uses the same icons."

Morro may spearhead Microsoft's vision of a 'software + services' future, incorporating elements in the cloud to reduce the load on desktop processors, although Microsoft has yet to confirm this.

Microsoft admits that internal testing of Morro is underway and says that a beta version will be made available to the public 'soon'.

Via NeoWin.