Android Pay now speeds up web shopping with Chrome

Android Pay
Android Pay

Wallets at the ready - Android Pay is now available on the web through Google's Chrome browser.

So long as you're shopping within Google's browser, and the retailer in question is supporting the search giant's payment system, you'll be able to use Android Pay to check out quickly and securely, taking advantage of its encryption systems and hidden account details.

Android Pay will also now feed into Uber's Payment Rewards program, meaning you'll receive ride discounts if you use the Google service to pay for Uber journeys. In fact, if you're a US user, you'll get 50% off the next ten Uber rides that you use Android Pay to pay for.

More banks

That's not to say the UK goes completely without some Android Pay lovin' though. While US Android Pay users with Chase bank accounts can now also use Android Pay, those in the UK with Santander or TSB cards will be able to sign up for Android Pay "in the coming weeks" too.

Though Apple's Apple Pay service is now available pretty much anywhere that contactless payments are accepted in the US and UK, Android Pay's rollout has been a little slower. Still, it's good to see new banks and features rolling out, and web support will expand its reach considerably.

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