See the highest-rated iPad case: ZUGU CASE’s Prodigy X

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With Apple’s latest iPad and iPad Pro models, there’s a whole lot of screen that needs protection. You could always buy a massively thick rubber case, like the kind they put on kids tablets, but that won’t help you make the most out of your versatile iPad. That’s when you should look for something with the flexibility and convenience to match your iPad, like Amazon’s highest rated iPad case: the Prodigy X from ZUGU CASE.

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Whether you have a 12.9-inch or 10.5-inch iPad Pro, or an iPad from 2017 or 2018, there’s a ZUGU CASE Prodigy X model that’s ready to protect your tablet and make it easier to use.

The ZUGU CASE’s Prodigy X has a folio-style design, covering the screen with a flap when you’re not using your iPad. The case also has a rugged shell for the iPad body, protecting it on all sides, while still maintaining cutouts for speakers, power and volume buttons, the camera, and ports. 

It may sound simple so far, but ZUGU CASE has added in some extra functionality and nailed the landing when it comes to quality construction with the Prodigy X.

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The shell that goes around the iPad is built with rubber and polycarbonate to protect it from drops as high as 5 feet. That protection applies even if it’s falling onto cement. Since most of us aren’t going to be carrying around our iPads next to or on top of our heads, that means the Prodigy X case can protect the iPad from the worst drops any of us are likely to experience. With the front cover closed, your iPad’s screen is also protected from scratches and scrapes while you’re carrying it or storing it in a bag. The back even has a pocket for the Apple Pencil or another stylus, so you can store everything together.

Just because it’s protective doesn’t mean it’s not also stylish. ZUGU CASE has used a durable faux leather material on both sides of the case for a fancy, business look.

Now, some people might say, “a case is a case.” But, here’s where ZUGU CASE’s Prodigy X sets itself apart: its magnetic kickstand and clasp.

The Prodigy X’s clasp holds the screen cover closed tightly. It’s not just better for protection though, as it also helps prevent your iPad battery from draining. Some folio covers don’t close securely, and if they flap around, they can accidentally wake up the the iPad screen over and over, wasting the battery. The Prodigy X’s strong magnets will help keep that from happening.

The built-in kickstand allows you to easily adjust your iPad to a handful of different viewing angles. This makes it easier to use on tables and desks of different heights, on airplanes, or on your lap. And, since the kickstand rests on the folded-open folio cover, it won’t jab into your legs like some other kickstands do.

(Image credit: ZUGU)

With the Prodigy X’s kickstand, the powerful magnets come into play once again. The end of the kickstand slots into grooves to help hold it in place, but magnets in the kickstand and folio cover hold it extra securely. So, whether you’re typing away furiously or putting a bit of extra pressure on your iPad with the Apple Pencil, you won’t have to worry about the kickstand collapsing. 

The magnets are even strong enough to hold the whole iPad up on magnetic surfaces. So, you can search the internet for cooking instructions, and then attach the Prodigy X case to your refrigerator for easy viewing and free up more room for meal prep on your kitchen counter.

Given its protective design, quality build, handy features, and reasonable price tag, it’s no surprise that ZUGU CASE’s Prodigy X models all have 5-star ratings after hundreds of reviews on Amazon.


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