Samsung's directional S-Ray speaker will let you listen without disturbing anyone

If you want to listen to music without subjecting those around you to your terrible taste, then typically headphones have been your only option. 

However, Samsung's new S-Ray speaker (that's 'sound-ray' in case you're interested) wants to provide an alternative, with a super directional sound that can be positioned to be heard by just one person.

Directional speakers aren't an entirely new invention (in fact, Turtle Beach showed off a pair a couple of years ago), but Samsung is promising that the S-Ray is much easier to use thanks to its small size and low price. 

Multiple form-factors

A video posted on Samsung's blog shows off a variety of use cases including placing the S-Ray on a bike's handlebars to listen to music without blocking out the outside world, and providing a localised listening experience in art galleries (so you hear audio that's relevant to the piece of art you're currently enjoying). 

Samsung plans to show off the S-Ray being used in a variety of form-factors. We're pretty sure we know what 'neckband' and 'smartphone cover' are going to be, but we're at a loss as to what 'handy' is - at least we'll have something to look forward to finding out at CES. 

We'll be given a closer look at the S-Ray at CES later in the month, but for now you can see Samsung's concept for the speaker in the video below. 

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Jon Porter

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