Salesforce adds robotics automation to Mulesoft with Servicetrace deal

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Software giant Salesforce has announced the acquisition of robotic process automation (RPA) firm Servicetrace. 

The news was shared by Brent Hayward, CEO of MuleSoft, the Salesforce-owned company that will absorb the new acquisition.

Hayward argues that automation, especially when combined with robotics, has emerged as a must-have technology when it comes to performing repetitive tasks. 

“In a work-from-anywhere world, every minute counts….RPA adoption has exploded because it empowers business users to automate business processes easily without needing specialized development skills,” wrote Hayward.

Adding new capabilities

Hayward argues that the move towards digital-first experiences has also created a lot more data that exists in various silos introducing new integration and processing challenges.

Explaining the value-add of the Servicetrace acquisition, Hayward added that combined with Mulesoft’s API and integration platform, the company will now be able to offer businesses and knowledge workers the ability to automate business processes.

“...automation of processes and workflows fueled by real-time data coming from a growing variety of sources is becoming a key to finding success with digital transformation. And this adds a critical piece to that puzzle for Salesforce/MuleSoft,” Brent Leary, founder and principal analyst at CRM Essentials told TechCrunch.

Hayward added that the new RPA capabilities will be combined with Salesforce’s Einstein Automate solution.

TechCrunch explains that while Einstein equips businesses with a “modern tooling” to automate certain tasks, RPA is better suited for more legacy operations. The acquisition it believes will help Salesfirce bridge the gap between older on-prem tools and more modern cloud software.

Hayward did not disclose the terms of the deal, but expects it to close by the end of the Salesforce’ third quarter ending October 31, 2021.

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