Safari 12 is now available for macOS Sierra and High Sierra

Safari 12, the latest version of Apple’s web browser, is now available to download for people running macOS Sierra (10.12.6) and macOS High Sierra (10.13.6).

This new version of the browser, which is the default browser in the upcoming macOS Mojave (10.14) update, comes with a range of new features, and if you can’t wait until Mojave launches on September 24 you can get the updated browser for the older versions of macOS.

In fact, if you use Safari as your daily web browser then it’s a good idea to update to Safari 12 as soon as possible, as it includes security updates. To download and install Safari 12 right now, open up the Mac App Store, click on ‘Updates’ and you’ll see the Safari 12 update waiting for you there.

Safari 12 features

So, what’s new in Safari 12? Apple has included support for website icons in tabs, which makes it easier to organize and find open websites when you’re browsing with multiple tabs open, as well as password suggestions and an alert if you're using a password for a service that Safari has saved for another site.

This should encourage people to use different passwords for different websites, rather than using one password for many.

Users also have better control over how pop-up windows are handled on websites, and ad retargeting suppression has been bolstered so that it reduces advertisers' ability to identify unique Mac devices. The web browser also disables any extensions that cause it to perform more slowly by default.

So, even if you're planning on upgrading to macOS Mojave next week with Safari 12, we’d recommend installing it on your Mac as soon as possible, so that you can access these new features and benefit from the added security.

Via OSXDaily

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