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PS5 restock: Target has it back in stock – here's how to get this console drop

PS5 restock
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Update 2: The PS5 restock at Target may be sold out in your area, however, expect to see the new console available in waves. So far the disc version of it has been in stock at the American retailer, which had been rumored to be holding inventory.

Miss it? Follow us on Twitter for all PS5 restock notifications for Target and all other US retailers. It's the fastest way to get real-time updates of console stock.

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This PS5 restock at Target will disappear in minutes if not seconds because it's long overdue. People are waking up every morning to check the retailer both in person and online. So far, it hasn't netted many results – until today.

If you miss this PS5 drop, then you can always turn your attention to our real-time updates of new PS5 stock on Twitter. That's where you'll find out about the date and time of the next Sony console drop if it gets announced ahead of time.

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Through Twitter, we're tracking the next PS5 stock from 12 sources, and we've seen a few PS5 consoles pop up over the last week. Monday was the first day for a PS5 restock from Sony Direct this week.

We're also checking PS5 inventory from other American stores: GameStop, Walmart, Amazon and Best Buy – a total of 12 US retailers that have carried the new PlayStation 5 on and off. They're all reliable. Even if you don't get to buy the console today, there may be a PS5 drop any one of the days this week.

Here's where else for can check for the PS5:

Recent PS5 restock dates and times

New PS5 stock happened four times last week and five times the week before, so if you try each time, you should be able to purchase the system. This week, we've seen it in stock three times before today: twice on Sony Direct, and once on GameStop.

No, we don't know the date and time of the next PS5 restock if you miss it at Target. However, retailers are generally picking the same time for so-called "PS5 drops". Target likes to surprise us all with 5am-9am restocks, while Amazon does it at 3am EST (their midnight in PST). Sony Direct tends to pick anywhere from 5pm-7pm EST, although it's been earlier in the past. It's all quite random, which can be maddening as someone who wants to buy a PS5.