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PS5 and Xbox Series X restock comes to Walmart today - get all the info here

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The first PS5 restock of 2022 at Walmart is set to take place today from 3pm ET. However, this latest batch of consoles will once again only be available to Walmart+ members. Below, we've got all the information you need, plus how to get yourself signed up and be ready to go for the drop on January 13. You can also find more regular updates on our PS5 restock live blog.

If you're not already a member, you can sign up to Walmart+ for $12.95 per month. That might seem like a hefty price to pay when you aren't even guaranteed to get a console, but Walmart has been one of the best retailers to get a PS5 or Xbox Series X since it introduced this requirement.

If you don't want to pay for a membership, then there will likely be a general sale that goes live after this members-only window. However, based on previous restocks, the PS5 will almost certainly sell out before this even begins.

Sign up to Walmart+ for $12.95

Sign up to Walmart+ for $12.95
You need to have a Walmart+ membership to get access to the next PS5 and Xbox Series X restock on January 13 from 3pm ET at Walmart. Consoles will almost certainly sell out during this early access period so you need to be a member to have the best chance of getting one. You can cancel it immediately after securing a console or keep your membership benefits including free shipping and discounted fuel prices.

Once signed up - or if you're already a member - you can check out the links to the consoles below and hopefully come away with a PS5 or Xbox Series X once the restock begins.

We suggest you get your membership sorted, have these pages open or bookmarked and log in to your Walmart account way ahead of schedule. It's always a chaotic experience once a PS5 or Xbox Series X restock goes live and the increased traffic over such a short period of time always slows sites to a crawl. Another potential helpful trick is to pay using PayPal, as this will take you off Walmart's busy payment servers and decrease the chance of running into errors during processing.

If all goes to plan, though, you should be the proud owner of a brand new PS5 or Xbox Series X console once the dust settles. Then it'll be time to take a look at some cheap PS5 games or an Xbox Game Pass deal to go with it.

Walmart PS5 and Xbox Series X restock

PS5: $499 at Walmart

PS5: $499 at Walmart
The PS5 is the most sought-after games console right now and Walmart will have another batch of consoles exclusively for Walmart+ members on January 13 from 3 pm ET. We're sure these will sell out in rapid time - as they have countless times before - so get yourself signed up (if you haven't already) and be ready to refresh the store page through this link once the time arrives.

PS5 (Digital Edition): $399 at Walmart

PS5 (Digital Edition): $399 at Walmart
The PS5 Digital Edition costs $100 less than the main PS5 but it doesn't include a disc tray so you will have to buy all of your games digitally. Fewer of these consoles are manufactured so it's a lot harder to get one during a restock.

Xbox Series X: $499 at Walmart

Xbox Series X: $499 at Walmart
Fancy the Xbox Series X instead? Walmart will have a restock of Microsoft's latest console at 3 pm ET as well. There may be an option to purchase through the Xbox All Access program, which allows you to pay off the console in monthly installments but this won't be clear until this restock is live. This process is usually a lot longer too, so paying upfront will get you through the checkout faster.

The last drop we saw at Walmart before this was just before the end of the year - and didn't have the Walmart+ restriction. On the one hand, it's a shame to see the retailer go back to this method as no one enjoys paying more cash to allow themselves to get a console. It can help make the whole process a lot smoother, though, and does a little to discourage bots or scalpers.

If it all goes wrong and you miss out on this opportunity, do stick with up as we'll be following all the latest restock news in our hubs dedicated to where to buy the PS5 and where to buy the Xbox Series X.

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