Primer launches open app framework for payments

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UK fintech Primer has launched Primer Connect, its open app framework design, which has been developed to make the e-commerce payments process for merchants simpler and more efficient.

The new framework will allow third-party payment services to integrate more effectively with Primer’s unified checkout and payments APIs. Primer Connect will offer simplicity for merchants because it can be accessed through one integration and a single dashboard.

Primer’s automated engine for payments works in a similar way to Zapier for web apps. It allows merchants to quickly add payment service providers (PSPs) to connect their checkouts and payment flows with payments-related services, without the need for any additional development.

The ‘low-code’ approach developed by Primer lets business owners benefit from being able to save payment information, streamline recurring payments as well as adapt to the ever changing e-commerce marketplace more easily. Users also get the benefit of anti fraud measures and optimized performance for their payment processes.

E-commerce payments

While it is still a work in progress the likes of Klarna, Mollie, Worldline, Truelayer, GoCardless, Sift, Laybuy, Bridge, Banked and Fonoa have already signed up. Primer says that partners always retain control over integration comparing the arrangement to third-party apps on Apple’s App Store.

Founded by ex-PayPal employees Paul Anthony and Gabriel Le Roux at the beginning of last year, Primer has so far secured £17.8 million in funding, and numbers 40 employees across 15 countries.

“With Primer Connect, we enable payments-related services to significantly reduce go-live timeframes, increase distribution and ensure customers maintain up-to-date, best-in-class technical integrations," said Paul Anthony, Co-founder and Head of Product and Engineering at Primer.

"Primer is an uncompromising, fully agnostic payments integration. By opening up our framework, we ensure merchants can gain access to best-in-class products and services across their payments services stack at all times."

"Gone are the days of having to compromise on UX, and manage increasingly complex, interdependent APIs and integrations. Merchants can now focus solely on building the best possible payments experience for their customers. Our 'connection' types include payments processors, payment methods, fraud providers, BI tools and accounting providers, with many more on the way.”

Primer Connect is in closed beta, but the package is due to be more widely rolled out to developers in the second quarter of this year.

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