Sports Illustrated debuts digital magazine concept tablet

The Sports Illustrated tablet hand not included

Time Inc, the publishers behind Sports Illustrated, has unveiled its digital magazine concept to the world outlining what it thinks an e-magazine should look like.

There is much rumour and speculation surrounding Apple releasing a tablet device in 2010, and this has sent publishers all into a flurry as it could offer up a lifeline to plain old magazine which have taken something of a battering in this economic downturn.

Mag of the future

The concept video (see below) is pretty stunning, showing how video could be embedded into the e-mag, stories can be updated in real-time and photo galleries can offer up more images than you would be able to fit into a normal magazine.

Just one look at the video makes the current crop of e-readers look positively archaic, but as this is only a concept we're not going to get too excited as of yet.

The idea that digital versions of magazines, formatted for tablets, could be sold alongside their printed versions – much like a DVD that comes with a digital copy – is an intriguing one and something we are bound to see in 2010 and beyond.

Saying that, the Sun thinks it already holds the key to the ultimate in interactive handheld media – it's called a newspaper.

Via TechCrunch