Atari considering a move into wearable tech

Atari considering a move into wearable tech
Atari - coming to a body like yours soon

Atari has mapped out its vision for the future, with the once-massive gaming brand planning a route to relevance through re-launched Pong, Asteroids and, fascinatingly, wearable technology.

Despite a commitment to bring its most famous wares to iOS and Android, along with PC online and other digital mediums, much of Atari's new direction doesn't feel like too great a departure from the old one.

But one interesting gubbit of information is that Atari is looking to wearables and 'gamified hardware' - licensing its brand in the short term but "with the goal of operating the most promising ventures at a later stage."

We for one can't wait for the Asteroids smartwatch or Pong Glasses.

Embracing new communities

The fallen giant still retains a brand that has meaning for gamers of a certain age, but it is also attempting to leverage new audiences including gamblers and the LGBT community.

According to a press release from the company: "Atari's approach to succeed in the digital age of entertainment includes online video games, online casinos, exclusive video content, and a robust licensing business including hardware and apparel.

"For success in a digital era, the world-renowned company is expanding its business and brands to mobile and online gaming platforms as well as completely new entertainment markets."

So gambling and apps along with merchandising is the immediate future of Atari. Which, gambling aside, obviously sounds a lot like the recent past of Atari too.

We'll just get excited about the wearables instead.


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