Starbucks to offer free Apple Wi-Fi downloads


Following hot on the heels of Apple's announcement of the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store, Starbucks has said it won't charge people for accessing it from its in-store hotspots. Apple's new technology enables those with iPod touch players to purchase tunes directly from their players over a wireless connection.

Starbucks hasn't confirmed whether the move will be replicated in its UK cafés - the service is only launching in cafés in New York and Seattle initially. It'll then be rolled out to other US cafés later this year and early next year. However, UK stores use the same T-Mobile-provided hotspots as US cafés.

The move also means those with PCs and Macs can buy via iTunes without paying the connection fee either. "We know a lot of people are going to be very happy with this new combination of coffee and iPods," said Apple chief Steve Jobs, before adding that the deal had been in the pipeline for two years.

The Starbucks initiative launches on 2 October.