Popular Mac developer launches VPN service

(Image credit: ClearVPN)

A software manufacturer best known for designing solutions for the Mac operating system is launching a new VPN service. ClearVPN will not simply be competing in the Mac VPN market, however - it will also be available for iOS, macOS, Android and Windows devices.

The company says that what sets ClearVPN apart from other VPN solutions on the market is its personalization options. The app learns user habits and configures shortcuts based on their needs and network specifications. It also delivers high-level encryption based on IPSec IKEV2, Open VPN and ClearVPN’s own custom protocol.

ClearVPN’s DynamicFlow Technology also automatically anayzes a user’s network status and sets them up on the fastest idle server. This delivers quick, secure access without the user having to worry about finding the right server. DynamicFlow is configured for different online activities and provides handy shortcuts like “Access Social Media” and “Block Ads While Browsing,” to ensure users can get the right VPN connection for their online use.

VPNs in vogue

MacPaw has been making macOS tools for a number of years now and is best known for its CleanMyMac software. The company’s decision to move into the VPN space comes as both data security concerns and remote working opportunities have risen significantly.

“For 12 years, we’ve been developing innovative software with outstanding design and usability to make macOS and iOS users’ lives easier”, Oleksandr Kosovan, CEO and Founder of MacPaw, said. “VPNs have become a necessity by bringing us peace of mind that our data is safe. With global demand for privacy-related software increasing during the coronavirus lockdowns, we’re excited to apply our expertise and provide an easy-to-use and secure solution for safer web browsing for everybody.”

ClearVPN is available now as part of a freemium package with two pricing plans. The free option provides access to a limited number of shortcuts and does not expire. The Premium plan, meanwhile, unlocks all shortcuts and comes with a number of other additional features – it is available from $12.99 a month or $93 a year.

Barclay Ballard

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