New iPhone app triggers your DSLR camera, enhances time-lapse skills

New iPhone app triggers your DSLR camera
Revamping time-lapse photography through your smartphone

A new photography app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch has launched, with the aim of revolutionising time-lapse photography on your

DSLR camera


The Triggertrap Mobile app for iOS follows the launch of the Kickstarter-funded physical unit and pairs up with your snapper through a dongle, and can be used to trigger the shutter through a host of innovative means.

The app, which will work with over 300 cameras, specialises in distance-lapse and time-lapse photography, allowing you to create beautiful videos of journeys or roadtrips, just by positioning the camera and letting the app to the rest.

Distance-Lapse mode uses the iPhone's GPS connectivity to take a photo ever a set distance, meaning when stitched together the whole journey appears to have taken place at the same speed, regardless of the traffic jam you were caught in.

Alternatively, Eased Timelapse creates sweet effects by using mathematical formulae to ensure stitched videos speed up at the beginning and slow down towards the end.

Not just time-lapse

Beyond those time-lapse features, there are 12 other trigger modes, including facial, sound and motion recognition.

The press release mentions "a load of other triggering modes built in, including facial recognition, a shock sensor, a motion sensor, a magnetometer, a sound sensor, automatic High Dynamic Range (HDR) bracketing with up to 19 exposures per set and configurable steps between each exposure, a HDR timelapse mode and Star Trail photography mode."

For advanced users, the app brings three different shutter channels that can be tailored to the photographers specific needs.

For example, you can trigger just the camera or add a separate flash into the mix or even two flashes if that floats your boat. Shutter time and delay can also be programmed.

Free and premium

The free version of the app contains three of the above modes, but you'll need to fork out £6.99 for the fully-baked version. You'll also need a dongle and cable to connect the dots.

Without the cable and dongle, the app will simply make use of your iPhone's more-than-capable snapper.

Check out what Triggertrap mobile is capable of in the video below.

Introducing Triggertrap Mobile from Triggertrap on Vimeo.

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