There's been another twist in the iPhone 7 headphone jack saga

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Will the iPhone 7 have a headphone jack? While not the most exciting of features this is one of the biggest questions surrounding Apple's upcoming handset, with numerous rumors suggesting it won't, but not everyone agreeing.

Now we've got one more piece of evidence in support of a headphone jack, as Rock Fix, a Chinese smartphone repair shop, has posted an image to Weibo reportedly showing an iPhone 7 Lightning cable assembly with a headphone jack attached.

But that image, spotted by Engadget, isn't the only one Rock Fix has shared. The company also posted images of a dual-lens camera, which is a rumored feature of the iPhone 7 Plus, though one which some sources claim has been abandoned due to technical difficulties.

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If it was once planned then the existence of the part doesn't mean it's still coming, but this isn't the only recent evidence for it, as ShowboxAppDownloading has also shared an image, seemingly showing the iPhone 7 Plus with its dual-lens camera intact.

Supposedly the shot on the right is of a final production model, and while there's no proof of that if it is then the iPhone 7 Plus should still have its killer feature.

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Twice the memory and twice the SIMs

Going back to the component shots, other leaked images include memory chips of up to 256GB, which would be nice to get given the lack of a microSD card slot, and, surprisingly, a shot of a dual-SIM tray.

Apple has never equipped an iPhone with dual-SIM support but it would make a certain amount of sense for it to add the feature in order to grow its popularity in Asia, where dual-SIM support is popular. Though even if this is true there's no guarantee that western versions of the phone will have the feature.

Along with the images, Rock Fix claimed that the antenna design will be changing, but that the bands will remain. Many leaked shots of the iPhone 7 show repositioned bands at the top and bottom of the phone, so this could be what it's referring to.

Of course we'd recommend you take all of this with a pinch of salt. With so many conflicting reports on cameras and headphone ports it's hard to know what's true right now, but the images accompanying these rumors certainly add credence to them.

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