Nokia and Microsoft deal boosts entertainment

Nokia will support Microsoft's PlayReady copy protection technology on both its Symbian S60 smartphones and mass-market S40 handsets

Nokia mobile phones are to support Microsoft'sPlayReady digital rights management technology. It's a move intended to boost downloads of mobile entertainment content that can be shared easily between multiple devices.

Nokia and Microsoft have announced an agreement to introduce PlayReady copy protection technology onto Nokia's mass-market mobiles and Symbian S60 smartphones from 2008. Nokia and Microsoft will also collaborate on expanding and simplifying the user experience for downloadable mobile content.

Microsoft's PlayReady technology allows users to buy digital content, such as music, videos and games, for one platform (a mobile, for instance). It can then be transferred easily to a PC, MP3 player or other designated device, with DRM in place.

The PlayReady system is designed to address the DRM concerns of content providers and mobile operators, while meeting users' desires to use content they've purchased on whichever device they choose.


PlayReady can be used for almost any type of digital content, from ringtones and screensavers to video and audio. And it can be applied by mobile operators flexibly for content purchasing or rental scenarios. The first PlayReady services are expected to appear in 2008 and will be backwards compatible with Windows Media DRM-based content.

"People are increasingly using their mobile devices for enjoying digital content, such as music, games, videos and photos," commented Ilkka Raiskinen, senior vice president of Multimedia Experiences at Nokia.

"By adding support for Microsoft PlayReady technology, we are enabling service providers to offer a wide range of content and create truly compelling experiences across mobile devices, personal computers and online services."