Sky's Now TV launches for iPad and iPhone

Sky's Now TV launches for iPad and iPhone
Now TV - in the App store

Now TV has arrived in the Apple App store, with the subscription-free service now available to people with iPads and iPhones via 3G and WiFi.

Now TV was launched earlier in the month, and has now taken a bow on Apple devices after going through the normal approval process.

Now TV is the non-subscription option for those who want Sky's content, and it launches with just movies with entertainment and sport to follow at a later date.

Pass, play and pay

Customers can sign up for a month's all you can eat service for £15 with Sky Movies Pass or they can opt for a pay and play movie priced between 99p and £3.49.

"Building on the increasing popularity of watching TV over the internet, NOW TV offers access to Sky Movies – the UK's most popular subscription movies service – in a new way, explains Sky.

"It is easy, flexible and great value – with no contract, set-up costs or installation."

There is a 30 day trial available for free which will give people a way to trial the service and see if the Sky Movies Pass lives up to their expectations.

The obvious rivals to Now TV are Lovefilm and Netflix, and the high pricing of the monthly pass may be a major obstacle to begin with.

However, when Sky begins to offer sports and entertainment as part of a package, the service could well find its feet, and the broadcaster also has the advantage in terms of the latest blockbusters due to its longstanding relationship with the movie studios.

As is customary when a Sky app lands on iOS, TechRadar asked for any update on Android versions and the company told us: "No further updates on Android as yet, but we are continuing to add more devices."

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