Samsung's Ice Cream Sandwich phone detailed again

Will Samsung's Ice Cream Sandwich phone be a five-star behemoth?
Will Samsung's Ice Cream Sandwich phone be a five-star behemoth?

What looks to be Samsung's roadmap for the rest of 2011 has made its way on to the internet, including details of the GT-I9220, Samsung's first Ice Cream Sandwich handset.

Alongside the much-anticipated Android upgrade, it comes rocking a massive 4.65-inch Super AMOLED screen with 1280x720 pixel resolution.

Aside from the fact that it sports a 5MP camera, other details on this telecommunications behemoth are scarce, but we suspect it may well turn out to be the next flagship Android handset – Google Nexus Prime, anyone?

Time will tell

Previous leaks and speculation have suggested the handset will come with a dualcore 1.5GHz or 1.2GHz processor, 1080p video recording and 1GB of RAM.

There's no guarantee that the GT-I9220 model will be the next Nexus handset, of course, so take all this with a healthy portion of salt.

Also detailed in the great roadmap leak are a number of Gingerbread handsets, a couple of 7-inch Honeycomb tablets, three Bada-running phones and the GT-i8350 Omnia W, a Mango-running Windows Phone 7 handset.

A leak this specific is generally fairly spot on, although it's likely that several of phones listed won't make it to production so it's hard to tell which we'll see hitting the market.

Still, we'd say it's very likely that a good portion of the leak is accurate, not least the news of the monster-screened Ice Cream Sandwich handset.


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