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Now Windows Phone 7 will have copy and paste

Microsoft might change tack on copy and paste
Microsoft might change tack on copy and paste

After all the talk about Microsoft deciding against popping copy and paste in Windows Phone 7 Series, that may change in the future.

Microsoft has explained that it thinks its users don't really want full copy and paste functionality, and has instead focused on smart linking email addresses and phone numbers in text.

But that might not be the case in future releases, according to gadget site I Started Something.


Admittedly using the old chestnut of 'a source close to the matter', the anonymous source states that copy and paste was withdrawn from the original release because it would have delayed the schedule.

But "the development team actually knows exactly how they will be implementing copy & paste in WP7S" so it might not be too long until it turns up.

Microsoft has made a big deal about not needing copy and paste for the new mobile OS, but this wouldn't be the first time it has said that something isn't important and later added it in to its suite.

We can't imagine how something that's been at the core of Microsoft's mobile OS for so long would be hard to implement - but we'll cut Ballmer some slack on this one and see where we are this time next year.

Via I Started Something