iPhone 5 launch imminent? iOS 6 update, nanoSIMs stockpiled

iPhone 5 launch imminent? iOS 6 update, nanoSIMs stockpiled
Are operators taking a gamble on nanoSIM, or do they have inside info?

It looks like everyone is gearing up for the iPhone 5 launch in the coming months, as Apple and networks ready themselves for its arrival.

First up Apple has released iOS 6 Beta 3 to developers, as it looks to push towards the final version of its new operating system, expected to launch alongside the iPhone 5 this Autumn.

According to AppleInsider, the update delivers a multitude of bug fixes, improved performance of the keyboard and the ability for developers to tweak functions related to Apple's new turn-by-turn navigation software.

iPhone 5 to sport nanoSIM?

According to sources who spoke to the Financial Times, mobile operators have started to stockpile nanoSIM chips in their warehouses, as they expect the iPhone 5 to support the new technology.

A nanoSIM is 40 percent smaller than a microSIM, which first appeared in the iPhone 4 back in 2010 and took some operators by surprise, leaving them with a shortage of the micro variety – it looks like no one is taking any chances this time around.

There's no guarantee that the iPhone 5 will come with nanoSIM support, as this report directly conflicts with previous rumours which have seen the supposed iPhone 5 case leaked, showing the same microSIM tray found on the iPhone 4S - however, Apple is heavily involved in the new nanoSIM design and sources tell TechRadar the new iPhone will very likely support it.

We know iOS 6 is definitely arriving this Autumn (probably September / October), and we expect Apple to continue its annual upgrade ritual and launch the sixth generation of iPhone around the same time, but we'll have to wait and see if it will arrive with nano or microSIM support.

From AppleInsider and Financial Times via MacRumors

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