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iPhone 5 launch date set for August 7?

iPhone 5 launch date set for August 7?
Imagine if Apple launched a space station. That would be cool.

A possible date for the iPhone 5 Apple keynote has been mooted – and it's not far away.

Know Your Mobile is citing a 'reliable industry source' who states that the launch of the iPhone 5 will occur during an Apple keynote in the first week of August.

That timeframe would put the iPhone 5 release date towards the end of the month, possibly leaking into September.

That seems a little unlikely for a possible launch window, as it would put Apple's iPhone out of sync with a large number of users whose contracts aren't up for renewal – although it's likely many will just break their existing deals to get the iPhone 5 regardless of launch timing.

True date?

Before you start selling your iPhone 4S in anticipation, it's worth noting this is an unnamed source and the same site has been wrong on iPhone rumours in the past – although there's every chance Apple could be looking to deal with the stellar performance of the Galaxy S3 as soon as possible.

Either way, we'll know soon enough, as we usually get around ten days' notice before such a launch will occur, so stay tuned to hear about any Apple launch announcements as they happen.

And if you can't wait that long, check out our comprehensive iPhone 5 rumour guide – it's chock-full of Apple-phone-based shenanigans.

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