Japanese survey shows women dominate blogs

Almost all Japanese girls surveyed claim to read internet blogs on their mobile phones

A survey conducted last month in Japan has come to the surprising conclusion that females are the most active groups in the world of internet blogging there.

The infoPLANT poll was carried out in the middle of May on NTT DoCoMo's iMode service. It netted a sample that was almost 62 per cent female, discovering that a startlingly high 94.6 per cent of teenage girls regularly visit blog sites. When it comes to actively writing a weblog, over half of the same group claimed to maintain one or more sites.

Mobile phones are key

Perhaps less surprising for a Japanese survey were the access method results - 55 per cent of people access blogs solely or mostly by mobile phone. This is in keeping with what we already know about the popularity of the mobile internet over the PC variety there. Although the fact the survey was run on phones is sure to have biased the results somewhat.

As for what it is people actually read, the most popular kinds of content turned out to be very predictable. Diaries and columns lead the pack, with 69 per cent of people reading blogs of that nature, while film, music and news sites lagged some way behind. For a translated look at the poll, we have What Japan Thinks to thank.

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