In pictures: HTC Hero gallery

The HTC Hero takes Android to the next level

After our in-depth hands on with the new HTC Hero / T-Mobile G1 Touch, we bring you a selection of pics of HTC's latest baby from the recent London event.

Featuring a full range of customisable home screens and widgets to give you control over the handset, we give you the full pictorial run down if you don't fancy having a look at our full HTC Hero review.

As you can see, it's something of a corker, though we do feel the processing prowess could have been a little better, and we're certainly not sure about that lip...

The home screen:

HTC hero home screen

Scrolling through the customisable portals:

The htc hero scrolling through

Side-on view:

The htc hero side on view

The 3.5mm jack at the top

The htc hero 3 5mm jack

All the buttons: call, terminate, home, search, menu and back buttons

The htc hero buttons

The lip - see if you like it

The htc hero the lip

The back of the phone, showing the 5MP camera

The htc hero rear

The Twitter feed

The htc hero the twitter feed

Messaging is improved in the HTC Hero

The htc hero messaging

The new HTC Hero music player widget

The htc hero music

Adding a widget

The htc hero widgets

The internet browser

The internet browser on the htc hero