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HTC's new Windows Phone 7 handset leaks out

HTC's new Windows Phone 7 device?
HTC's new Windows Phone 7 device?

HTC has never had the best of luck when it comes to keeping things in house, and that trend has continued with the leaking of a new Windows Phone 7 device.

Engadget nabbed the scoop for the phone that's destined for the AT&T network in the US, showing a tablet handset with a slide out keyboard underneath.

Except it's NOT a keyboard hidden beneath the large screen - it's a slide out speaker, complete with kickstand for multimedia fun.

The phone has been given the model number of T8788 for the time being, but we'd be stunned if that was the final name in the midst of the Legend, Desire and HD2.

Waiting for Windows

We haven't got any more specs or information on the new mystery handset - but given it's looking pretty sleek now, there's a good chance we could see it launched in October, when the first Windows Phone 7 handsets are set to be unveiled.

HTC is also set to announce a standard tablet-style Windows Phone 7 device around the same time, and the likes of LG and Samsung will also be there on launch day with new handsets.

But it seems the T8788 shows that there will be much more of a media leaning for the Windows Phone 7 handsets than previously seen for Microsoft, showing the Redmond firm's concerted push into the consumer market.