Fresh leaks reveal HTC Hima screen and a new HTC tablet

Nexus 9
HTC could be basing its new tablet on its own Nexus 9

Update: French website No Where Else has leaked images that apparently prove that the HTC Hima will have a larger screen than previously thought.

Following on from the previous leaks about the HTC Hima, which suggested that the successor of the HTC One M8 would be sporting a 5-inch screen, No Where Else has uploaded images that appear to be of the HTC Hima's screen.

HTC Hima


These images claim to show that the HTC Hima's screen will in fact be 5.2-inches big. If the HTC Hima Ultra does exist, and is indeed larger than the HTC Hima, then it looks like we could be seeing a pretty large handset.

Original news story follows...

A new leak has apparently unveiled a host of new devices that HTC is planning to release in the future.

Not long after Twitter leaker @upleaks first unveiled HTC's mysterious Hima smartphone, the account now seems to have leaked a list of other Hima devices that HTC could be readying for release.

These new devices include the Hima Ultra (a new One Max, perhaps?), which is expected to be a larger version of the upcoming HTC Hima (tipped to be the One M9) and the Hima Ace. Interestingly it looks like both phones will come in Android 5.0 and Windows Phone versions.

Back in the game

The leaks also apparently show that HTC is preparing to fully re-enter the tablet market with a new tablet that will come in both Wi-Fi and LTE versions.

According to the leaks it will be based on the Nexus 9, which HTC worked with Google to build, and it should be available some time in 2015. It could run HTC's Sense user interface on top of Android 5.0 Lollipop.

There will also apparently be a HTC Butterfly 3, which would be the latest release in HTC's Japan-only line of smartphones.

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