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Check out Motorola's first Android phone

The Motorola Calgary
The Motorola Calgary - coming with Android

Motorola's long awaited debut Android handset has finally been outed, and it's the QWERTY-keyboarded Calgary, which would be the first of its type on the market.

We've previously been treated to the likes of the Samsung i7500 in recent weeks, and of course the HTC Magic goes on sale from tomorrow (not forgetting its sibling the G1 being the first of course) but the Calgary, with it's full slide-out QWERTY and sleek touchscreen could be a real game changer.

The fellows over at Boy Genius Report have confirmed that this will be Moto's first Android effort, and have said that it will focus on social networking 'to some extent'.

Will it work?

This is slightly more of a worry, as social networking handsets generally tend to be pretty lightweight in the functionality stakes, but given Android is supposed to be a high-spec interface to allow lower-cost phones into the market, we'll see how the public takes to it.

Not a lot more information is known at the moment, although rumours of a release in the next two months continue to circulate. Given Motorola's strong US focus, it's unlikely the UK would get it until later in the year.

If you're like us, and always wanted a sharp, angled phone that looks like it has come straight from TRON, then you're going to be in luck by the sound of these internet rumours, and as always, more information when we pick it up from shady sources in dark alleys. Or a press release.