Are mobile phones killing off the alarm clock?

My other phone is an alarm clock
My other phone is an alarm clock

New research suggests that more than half of us are ditching the trusty alarm clock, in favour of mobile phones.

A survey carried out by on 1,500 people found that 82 per cent of those asked had a mobile phone and over half were using them as alarm clocks.

While we await the results from an alarm clock firm which puts mobile phone use into a negative light, the poll does signify change in the way we wake ourselves up from slumber.

"Phones have evolved from simple communication handsets to now provide us with a wealth of information on the go and schedule our social occasions," said Neil McHugh, Co-managing director of

"The advances in mobile technology may in the near future threaten such traditional stand alone devices such as cameras, music players and alarm clocks."

Sign of the times

Speaking to the Daily Mail about the results, Robert Egan, a fellow of the British Horological Institute, and professional time-measurer, said: "It is a trend that we are seeing, people are even using mobiles instead of wrist watches now.

"It's just another sign of modern technology taking over from mechanical things.

"I think in terms of travelling, mobile phones are going to be the thing, these are changing times."

Via Daily Mail

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