Apple doesn't want Aussie banks talking about Apple Pay negotiations

Apple Pay

Apple Pay's Australian rollout has been slow going. After months of waiting and little movement from Australian banks, the the iPhone 6S maker ended up just partnering with American Express to speed up the international rollout.

Now, with Google's confirmation that Android Pay is heading to Australia in the first half of this year, and Samsung Pay also on the way, we're hearing that Apple's negotiations with the banks haven't stopped, they're just being kept quiet.

According to a report in the SMH today, Apple's non-disclosure agreement with the banks requires the banks to keep quiet, or be liable for tens of millions of dollars.

Of course, these types of contracts are far from uncommon, especially when companies are looking to get their hands on a share of the $2.5 billion annual market for credit card fees.

The best part of this story is that there's still hope Aussie Apple users will get to use Apple Pay without having to get an American Express Card.

Via: SMH

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