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AT&T defeats the purpose of Apple SIM by locking it after activation

iPad Air 2
The Apple SIM is available only on the LTE iPad Air 2

Despite the lack of heraldry that accompanied it, the Apple SIM was one of the coolest new things Apple announced alongside the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 this month.

So it's too bad that AT&T is ruining iPad Air 2 users' Apple SIMS the second they're activated with the US carrier's network, as MacRumors reported.

The Apple SIM is supposed to let users choose short-term plans from a variety of carriers directly from their shiny new LTE-enabled iPads.

The idea is that you can switch between plans and carriers basically at will, which is especially helpful for users who travel frequently and/or are repelled by commitment.

Get off my lawn

But AT&T has ensured that users who sign up for one of its plans using the Apple SIM won't be able to switch to a different carrier on the same device without ponying up for a new SIM, which entirely defeats the purpose of Apple's latest innovation.

The carrier's party-crashing first came to light on Twitter, and Apple later confirmed it. An AT&T spokesperson then told Re/code that "it's just simply the way we've chosen to do it."

Well good freaking luck with that.

AT&T just became the dude who arrives at the party, flips on all the lights and plugs in his own tunes, to everyone else's chagrin. Currently Sprint, T-Mobile and UK carrier EE also support the Apple SIM, and none of them have chosen to be "that carrier."

Via Engadget