Outlook update will give you more control over those nagging notifications

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Maintaining a healthy work-life balance (opens in new tab) can be difficult especially as notifications begin to pile up on your smartphone which is why Microsoft is rolling out a new update to its email service (opens in new tab).

According to a new post (opens in new tab) on the Microsoft 365 (opens in new tab) roadmap, the software giant has updated its email client (opens in new tab) with new settings that make it easier to manage email notifications on mobile.

These new settings are now rolling out to smartphones running both Android and iOS so that Outlook users can stay on top of the things that matter to them and ignore the ones that don’t.

Upgrading Outlook for hybrid work

In a separate post (opens in new tab) on the Microsoft 365 roadmap, Microsoft has revealed that it will add working hours and location settings to Outlook (opens in new tab) later this summer.

Whether you’re still working from home (opens in new tab) or back at the office as part of your organization’s hybrid work (opens in new tab) model, you’ll soon be able to add your working hours and location in Outlook. This will allow your co-workers and others to know exactly when they can reach you so that they won’t need to worry about bothering you during your off hours.

While this feature was initially added to the Microsoft 365 roadmap back in December of last year, it will finally become generally available beginning in June of this year.

By allowing users to more easily manage their notifications and let others know where and for how long they plan to work each day, Microsoft is giving workers the tools they need to succeed in a hybrid working world.

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