Real books sales plummet as ebooks flourish, says AAP

Is the writing on the digital wall for physical books? We hope not

Sales of ebooks have doubled in the US according to the Association of American Publishers, as physical book sales plummeted.

For those that hoped that ebooks would ever challenge for supremacy, the AAP's January figures may be difficult to take, with figures showin g a whopping 115.8 per cent hike year on year.

That takes total sales of digital books from $32.4 million (c£20m) in 2010 to $69.9 million (£43.1) at the start of this year.

Paper (pur)chase

The news is a little grim for physical books, with Adult hardback sales down by 11.3 per cent and sales of Adult paperbacks down by nearly a fifth (19.7%) from January 2010.

In the children and young adult section sales of hardbacks were down by significantly less, but paperback sales dropped by 17.7 per cent.

The success of devices like the Kindle, along with tablets like Apple's iPad, have significantly increased the popularity of ebooks, making digital copies accessible and quickly available.

TechRadar is still hoping that purchase of physical books will include a digital copy going forward, so we can have our cake and then store it on our shelves in alphabetical order.

Via Engadget