Optus providing digital infrastructure for 2018 Commonwealth Games

Australian telecom Optus has today announced that it’ll be partnering with the Commonwealth Games in order to provide telecommunication services for the 2018 Games, which are set to being held on Queensland’s Gold Coast.

Optus will be responsible for communication infrastructure in over 30 individual venues and services ranging from telephony to cloud storage, as well as streaming video and audio from 23 broadcasting locations across the Games.

Around 6,600 athletes and officials, 3,500 media personnel, and over 2,200 on-site employees will all require a reliable means of communication. “A project of this scale, size and importance requires fast and reliable communications,” said Optus Business’ Managing Director, John Paitaridis. “Optus is delighted to have been selected.”

If everything runs smoothly, the only thing the viewer will notice is abundant Optus-branding and labeling... and, hey if those live-streams ever stutter, we’ll know who to blame.