OnePlus to soon add another variant to OnePlus 5 line-up

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When it comes to admiration and fandom, OnePlus is one brand that best knows how to connect with its customers and develop a sense of dependence. It's not just the marketing it does but also the collective impression they create with their value for money products and steadfast media reviews. 

As most of us know, the company usually comes with just one product each year, except for the OnePlus X (opens in new tab) experiment. This year's buzz is around their latest OnePlus 5 (opens in new tab) flagship killer. Post the launch, the hype around the phone was unreal, and it did continue till the phone reached out to the customers. The response from the consumers and the reviewers are at par with the expectations, but the company has decided not to hold the wagon until now. 

Today morning, OnePlus on its Facebook page added some more excitement to catch up the buzz around the OnePlus 5. The company shared a post saying '5omething new coming up! Can you guess what it is?'. The shared image shows off the two OnePlus color variants along with a new colorless OnePlus 5, which apparently indicates that the company is planning to add another color to the OnePlus 5 lineup.

Going back in time, we found that soon after the OnePlus 5 official launch, TENNA (opens in new tab), which is a telecommunication certification center in China unveiled that OnePlus will come in three colors. The screengrab below shows that the OnePlus 5 will be coming in three colors apart from the existing Black and Gray variant. The new color is supposedly the Mint Gold. However, the name of the color may differ at the time of launch. 

Credits- TENAA

Credits- TENAA

To recall, something similar happened with the OnePlus 3T (opens in new tab) which welcomed a soft gold variant (opens in new tab) later in 2016. So, it is quite evident that the company may come with a gold color this time around as well. 

However, we have to wait for additional details about the smartphone. It is still not confirmed how the color will look like, which storage variant will it come with, when will it debut and more such questions are still unanswered. 

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