OnePlus 4 image shows dual-lens camera and refined design

With the OnePlus 4 (or OnePlus 5, as it might be called) possibly launching as soon as June or July we’re expecting leaks and rumors around the phone to start ramping up, and today’s leaked render could be the start of that flood.

Obtained by “people who have seen the phone and have possibly worked on the OnePlus 5” and shared by India Today, a freshly leaked image seemingly shows the back of the next OnePlus handset, complete with a dual-lens camera.

Early rumors have already talked of a dual-lens camera, complete with augmented reality and mixed reality functions, and with other phones like the LG G6 and Huawei P10 sporting dual-lens snappers the presence of one on the OnePlus 4 wouldn’t come as a surprise.

Back in black

The image also shows a plain black back with no visible antenna lines. That could mean it’s using glass on the back, as has also been rumored, as antenna lines wouldn’t be necessary on a glass back.

Or it could mean that OnePlus has simply refined the metal finish used on phones like the OnePlus 3T to build the antenna lines more seamlessly into the design.

The image wasn’t accompanied by any information, other than that the design isn’t final, so some aspects could change before launch even if this is an authentic image of the OnePlus 4. But if it’s really landing in the next few months we wouldn’t expect much will change.

And we have a pretty good idea of what to expect from earlier rumors, including a 5.3-inch QHD screen, a Snapdragon 835 chipset, 6 or 8GB of RAM and a 4,000mAh battery. If the OnePlus 4 does have all that and still undercuts the competition it could be one of the best phones of 2017.

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