OnePlus 10 Pro launch date and design revealed, but you won't be able to buy it

OnePlus 10 Pro
(Image credit: OnePlus)

We've been seeing the OnePlus 10 Pro series leak so frequently in the last few weeks, that your eyes might gloss over at seeing even more – but to shake things up, OnePlus itself has unveiled the design of the phone, and has also confirmed its launch date.

As part of CES 2022, an annual tech show which is currently going through an exhibitor crisis due to Covid, OnePlus has provided some information on its upcoming smartphone family.

The OnePlus 10 Pro is set to debut in China on January 11 at 1am ET, 6am GMT and 4pm ACT, which is 10pm PT on January 10. So it's only being shown off in one region right now, and without its non-Pro sibling by the sounds of it. We expect a global launch, with a full mobile family, to come later in 2022.

That's quite early in the year for a OnePlus launch, as the company generally waits until March or April to show off its new phones, and that's when we'll likely see the full unveiling. 

Unlike companies like Huawei or Xiaomi, we also generally don't see OnePlus show off its phones in China before the rest of the world, so the January 11 event marks a curious new precedent there too. We'd expect the phone to only go on sale in China to begin with, so you won't be able to buy it straight away, but fingers crossed the full release won't be delayed for too long.

OnePlus 10 Pro pictures

OnePlus 10 Pro

(Image credit: OnePlus)

Alongside the launch announcement, OnePlus shared some pictures of the 10 Pro. The phone will seem very familiar to anyone who's been following the leaks, because it turns out those early images were entirely accurate.

The images show two phones, a green and a black one, with a few key features listed between them.

The OnePlus 10 Pro will get a notification slider by the camera bump, as well as what seems to be a power button on that edge too, suggesting the volume rocker is on the other side.

There are three rear cameras, with very visible branding for Hasselblad – the camera company that OnePlus outsources camera parts from. You'll see a fourth lens bump too, which contains the phone's ring LED flash; the letters on the bump say 'P2D 50T', and we've no idea what that means, but hopefully the launch event will enlighten us.

When a OnePlus phone launch is coming up, the company often teases information about the device in the run-up to the full unveiling, and there's no reason to believe this isn't going to happen for the January 11 launch. So expect more information to come out before too long.

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