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Voice-activated commands on Google Assistant aren’t new, but making payments with voice commands is certainly a convenient way to go about making purchases. 

According to Android Police, Google has confirmed that a new feature located in the Assistants’ Payments and Security settings pane will enable users to make purchases after authorising them by voice commands.

The voice-enabled payment option will be available alongside the existing verification modes such as passwords and fingerprint authentication.

While it is still in its ‘pilot’ stage, the feature is eventually expected to become a mainstay of all smartphones and devices with Google Assistant service.

Here’s how you can enable ‘Confirm with voice’ option 

The new option is disabled by default and can be enabled from the Payments and Security pane of the Assistant. 

All one needs to do is open the Google app, click More, then Settings, Google Assistant, You and Payments, in that order. If the pilot feature is available, users will see the new ‘Confirm with Voice Match’ option.

Of course, for added security, users are required to add Google account password confirmation once the voice feature is enabled. However, some initial users reported that the additional password setup is not smooth sailing and hangs in the process. Interestingly, this toggle is also present in old versions,  namely v11.8.7.21 of the Google app.

New 'Voice Match' toggle 

New 'Voice Match' toggle  (Image credit: Android Police)

For the moment, the feature is only enabled for making in-app digital purchases through Google Play and restaurant orders. Purchases on platforms such as Google Shopping, formerly Google Express, are not yet possible.

Primarily, aimed at Assistant-enabled speakers and smart displays, there will be a cap on the number of transactions per day and a set price limit beyond which the feature won’t work. 

Voice-enabled payments are already possible via Amazon’s Alexa and some banks such as ICICI and American Express are offering customer support services via Alexa, Siri and Google assistant. With the Assistant’s new rollout, voice-enabled payments could become even more accepted considering the worldwide penetration of the Android ecosystem.

Via Android Police

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