NordPass' limited-time sale will have you springing forward with the latest technology

NordPass password manager
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Find yourself spending yet another day locked out of your accounts because you forgot your password, and you've maxed out due to failed attempts? Well, when you invest in NordPass, you can prepare to wave goodbye to those unfortunately endless days.

NordPass — the team behind NordVPN — is the modernized, easy-to-use assistance allowing users to safely and securely import their passwords, as well as access them via web dashboards, desktop, or mobile apps. With NordPass, you'll never miss out on a flash sale or have to reset your Spotify account ever again. But how? It's simple. 

Designed by cybersecurity experts — already trusted by millions of people worldwide — this password manager uses the latest technology to protect your password. Here, your data is strategically secure in a way that only you can view and manage, and the security feature was audited and verified by a third party beforehand. Plus, when you sign up for NordPass, there aren't any complicated or difficult set-up instructions. 

The hassle-free concept prompts you to save your password every time you log into a new website and will remember them for later use. That way: you'll never need to enter anything manually — just hit "save," and you're good to go from here on out. With no storage limit on how many passwords you can save, it's convenient as ever! 

This means the next time you log onto the same site, the autofill button will automatically and securely log you in. Plus, the best part is: NordPass will sync to all devices and browsers too. Whether it be multiple tablets, phones, or tablets, NordPass will allow you to access all pivotal notes and passwords. Users will have accessibility anytime, anywhere on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.

NordPass app screen

(Image credit: NordPass)

More favorably, for those looking for even more? NordPass continues to deliver. NordPass understands that it might not be just passwords you might want to protect, so they've created Secure Notes — where you can jot down things like your Wi-Fi code, alarm system code, or your wedding anniversary to find them quickly and easily. And with a built-in OCR scanner? You'll never have to retype or correct any missed numbers or letters: this password manager goes above and beyond from day one.

Plus, the Data Breach Scanner also has you living worry-free due to their extensive process if (or when) you have any breaches or scares. Immediately, NordPass steps in and runs interference, working overtime to identify whether or not the breach did happen, what information was compromised, and if necessary, recommends changing the password immediately. 

The same also applies when it comes to credit card details and potential breaches. NordPass immediately searches for any suspicious activity and recommends checking your bank balance and contacting your bank on the spot. This feature is fantastic for anyone who needs an extra pair of eyes on their valuable information while busy with the daily grind. 

Plus, NordPass continues to impress because, for a limited time, you can reap all these benefits at a discounted price. From now until June 29, NordPass is offering 70% off their Premium Plan. That's right: more than half off — meaning, you'll not only save the day when you get locked out of your accounts, but you'll be paying nearly nothing to ensure that. 

So, what are you waiting for here? Run, don't walk to your nearest computer, and sign up for the NordPass premium plan today.