Nintendo’s Switch Online NES controllers are almost 50% off right now

Switch Online NES controllers
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Nintendo’s Switch Online NES controllers are currently on sale, with almost 50% off the usual asking price.

If you’re currently a Nintendo Switch Online member, you can pick up two of Nintendo’s replica wireless pads for just $34.99, which is a whopping saving of $25. (Not in the US? Check out the best deals in your area below.) 

The NES controllers are the perfect way to enjoy the classic NES games available to Nintendo Switch Online members, including the likes of Balloon Fight, The Legend of Zelda, and Super Mario Bros. They’re also completely wireless, which is a nice quality-of-life feature.

While the Switch Online NES controllers might seem like a superfluous purchase to some, you can’t beat playing retro games with the actual controllers they were originally designed for. The Switch Online NES controllers will help you eke out even more nostalgia when playing the system’s classic titles, then, which is all part of the experience if you ask us. 

The fact that you get two controllers as part of this deal means you can even recreate those classic local couch gaming moments, too, as there are plenty of NES games available that support multiplayer.

The NES controllers can be charged just like the regular Switch Joy-Con; simply slide them onto the side of the console and away you go. However, if you own a Nintendo Switch Lite you’ll need to charge them using a USB Type-C cable.

Today's best Switch Online NES controller deal

Nintendo Switch Online NES controllers: $59.99 $34.99 at Nintendo
Save $25 -

Nintendo Switch Online NES controllers: $59.99 $34.99 at Nintendo
Save $25 -
The Switch Online NES controllers are almost 50% off right now, and stock is likely to sell out fast. If you want to play NES games the way they're intended, don't miss this awesome deal.

Nintendo has released other wireless versions of its classic console controllers. Nintendo Switch Online subscribers can also purchase SNES and N64 controllers, though both pads remain extremely hard to find right now.

You can also purchase a wireless Sega Genesis pad, meaning that no matter what classic title you play on Switch, there’s an official controller to go with it.

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If you're not a Nintendo Switch Online subscriber, you can't buy the NES controllers from Nintendo's website. Check out the best deals on a 12-month Switch Online subscription below if you haven't already signed up.

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