KEF shows off wireless super speakers


KEF showed off its new high-quality wireless speaker system at the weekend's Bristol Sound & Vision hi-fi show. The KEF KHT5000 Series system means that purchasers no longer need to be concerned about lengthy speaker cables running from the amplifier to the rear speakers.

Users can situate the speakers virtually anywhere they want in the room - without the inconvenience associated with traditional cabling - and receive CD quality audio with "exceptional clarity and remarkable lack of extraneous interference".

Recognising the need for a real high-quality wireless transmission system, KEF says it wasn't prepared to rush an inferior 'me-too' product to the marketplace, hence the more measured arrival of the 5000 Series.

In order to achieve real full-bodied audiophile sound reproduction, KEF developed a 2.4GHz wireless transmission system that uses advanced error protection and "intelligent" adaptive frequency hopping, ensuring an interference free signal.

This makes certain that the transmission is not affected by such things as microwave ovens, mobile or digital cordless telephones and wireless LAN routers, while still providing the superior sound quality demanded by true audiophiles.

The KEF 5000 Series Wireless system can be purchased as an upgrade option for existing owners (two receivers and a transmitter); a pair of wireless speakers including transmitter; or a complete 5.1 system with wireless rear speakers. The integrated wireless receivers are compatible with the desk mounted or floor standing KHT 5005 speakers. All configurations are simple and convenient to connect and set-up. Finish is in a choice of matt silver or high gloss black.

Suggested UK Retail Prices:

  • KHT5005.2 Wireless System £1500
  • KHT5005 Wireless Accessory £300
  • HTS5001.2 Satellites x 2 with Wireless £600