Google and Starbucks: A match made in coffee shop Wi-Fi heaven

Google and Starbucks
Will you actually be able to get some work done now?

Ever try to work in a Starbucks where the internet was just awful? Or try to stream the latest episode of XYZ on Netflix to no avail? Well, that's all changing soon thanks to a little ol' company called Google.

Today, the Silicon Valley staple announced a new partnership with Starbucks to provide much faster Wi-Fi to every single Frappuccino shop in the U.S.

Starting in August, we'll begin to see a change in the speediness of internet connections over the next 18 months at all 7,000 Sbux locations, replacing the at times rage-inducing slowness of AT&T.

Google Access General Manager Kevin Lo stated speeds will be up to 10 times faster than before, unless you're in a Google Fiber city where speeds will be 100 times faster.

Look out for the "Google Starbucks" network in a couple more months to see if you've got the hook up and see if your vids actually load faster.

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