Netflix will stream Nike workouts to help meet your New Year's fitness resolution

Nike Training Club programs on Netflix
(Image credit: Nike/Netflix)

Netflix will begin streaming fitness classes from the Nike Training Club to all subscribers on December 30 as the platform continues to branch off into other types of content.

The classes will be split between two batches with the second set to release periodically next year, although what will be offered is unknown. When it’s all complete, you’ll have more than 30 hours worth of workout sessions at your disposal, according to Netflix. For the first set, you’re given five programs comprised of 90 workouts across 46 different videos. Everything will be available in 10 different languages including English. What each of the workouts will be is also unknown, but looking at the names, you can at least make an educated guess of what some of it will entail.


For example, the six-episode program Fall in Love with Vinyasa Yoga will obviously be about teaching people how to do vinyasa yoga. Two Weeks to a Stronger Core, which is made up of seven episodes, will focus on strengthening the core of your body which is the abs and lower back. Then you have HIT & Strength with Tara (14 episodes) which will most likely be about high-intensity training (HIT) exercises and making you break a sweat.

The other two are more nebulous. You have Feel-Good Fitness and Kickstart Fitness with the Basics which are six and 13 episodes respectively. In its own announcement, Nike states the Training Club program “[caters] to all fitness levels, [requires] minimal to no equipment, and [spans] a broad range of workout types, lengths, and intensities.” If anything, these last two are probably the more relaxed, beginner’s programs for people just starting their fitness journey.

We reached out to both companies for clarification on what each workout program will exactly have and what the other languages are. This story will be updated if we hear back.

Branching out

This isn’t the first time Netflix has incorporated health and wellness content into its platform. Back in January 2021, the platform launched Headspace content teaching viewers how to meditate, along with session guides. Regarding other content, Netflix most famously began launching its own video games earlier this year based on popular shows like Stranger Things, although the titles leave much to be desired and are are not super popular. But still, we prefer Netflix doing positive things like making new forms of content instead of being a total wet blanket like trying to get rid of password sharing, which is slated to start in 2023.

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