Netflix is testing a badge scheme to turn your kids into binge watchers

What better way to turn your kids into binge watchers than by turning Netflix into a badge-collection scheme? That's apparently the thinking behind a new feature currently being tested on the video streaming service, which rewards children with stickers when they watch certain shows.

According to a report from Variety, those involved in the test see red padlocks on the top of TV shows that can earn them a badge. At the moment at least, that's all the reward that they get – there's no other incentive to race through a whole series of Paw Patrol.

It would seem that only a small subsection of Netflix users have the feature enabled for the time being, so it's by no means definite that this is going to roll out for everyone. Netflix is always keen for viewers young and old to spend as much time as possible on the platform though, so it would make sense.

"A more interactive experience"

"We are testing a new feature on select kids titles that introduces collectible items for a more interactive experience, adding an element of fun and providing kids something to talk about and share around the titles they love," Netflix told Variety. "We learn by testing and this feature may or may not become part of the Netflix experience."

Some parents have taken to social media to complain that the scheme is going to make it harder to pull kids away from their various screens, while others have reported that the introduction of badges is definitely working for Netflix.

Netflix recently introduced improved parental controls so moms and dads can block specific TV shows or movies they don't want their kids watching. Maturity ratings are also going to become more visible before a title starts playing, giving parents a better idea of what to expect before they start watching.

David Nield
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