Movavi's easy-to-use software opens up video and photo editing to everyone

(Image credit: Movavi)

Video editing tools – like photo editing tools – are often thought to be expensive, complicated and something best left to the professionals. But with its selection of super-user-friendly software, Movavi goes a long way to help break this widely held notion.

The company has been producing accessible yet powerful multimedia and creative programs for over 15 years, catering for individuals, businesses and educational establishments alike.

Covering everything from screen capture, video editing and video conversion to photo editing and making slideshows, Movavi has a range of tools to help you get creative in a variety of ways.

Whether you're looking to create an animated slideshow to show off your holiday photos, want to tweak your images to improve their look, or need to create a video presentation that includes footage of computing activity, Movavi has the software you require.

Creativity tools for the masses

In the fields of photo and video editing, there are some big names that tend to spring to mind, but these are usual expensive, professional-level tools that will be overwhelming and intimidating for the majority of people.

The same cannot be said of Movavi's tools, which manage to balance of powerful features with a highly approachable ease of use. Programs such as Movavi Video Editor, Movavi Picverse, Movavi Video Converter and Movavi Screen Recorder also score major points when it comes to price. 

Unlike many rival products, all of Movavi's desktop software is available for both Windows and macOS, while the company’s mobile offerings are available for Android and iOS.


(Image credit: Movavi)

Video editing, screen capture and more

One of the highlights of the impressive collection of tools offered by Movavi is Movavi Video Editor. Perfect whether you are a vlogger looking to create professional-level output for your audience, or you need a tool to polish up some footage you shot while on vacation, the software provides you with the advanced tools and options you need get creative and generate some stunning results. 

We're talking far more than simply arrange video clips on a timeline – although this is a very basic function of the program. You can use a range of impressive special effects to liven up your videos, add remarkable transitions between scenes, set the mood with an atmospheric soundtrack, add intro scenes and more.

It does not matter if you are not the best cameraperson in the world. Even if you have a shaky recording of an unsteady hand, Movavi Video Editor can fix your footage for you. 

If you want to really blow away your audience, you can experiment with Chroma Key (also known as green screen) to completely change the backgrounds of videos and come up with creations that would simply not be possible otherwise – including using striking picture-in-picture effects.

There are a number of special effects included with the app, but if you need something more advance, or you're in need to further inspiration, look no further than the Movavi Effects Store where you can purchase addition effect packs. 

These are themed, grouping together the tools and effects needed by YouTubers, Instagrammer, vloggers and influencers into affordable bundles that are a great way to extend the functionality of an already powerful application.

Value without compromise

You should be getting the sense that Movavi Video Editor is not only powerful and user-friendly, but also highly versatile. This is a theme that's common to all of the software from Movavi. 

Other notable tools from the company include Screen Recorder for recording on-screen activity ready for use in tutorials and presentations.

You can find out more about Movavi over on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. If you head over to the Movavi website, you can download free trial versions of the company's various programs so you can take them for a no-commitment test drive. 

So what are you waiting for? Get downloading and get creative right now!

If you like what you see and try, it's worth noting the software bundle that is on offer. For just $119.95 you can buy Movavi Unlimited which includes all of the company's creative tools in a money-saving package that slashes more than 90 percent off the usual selling price when compared to buying each of the programs individually.